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Buying a Home with Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies?

With the constant change and advance in technology, and being that millennials have all the information, understand how every dollar in their pocket is indebted, and realize that their own national currency is indebted to an-already indebted US Dollar,  enthusiasts see it as an alternative way of paying for regular things, and an option to […]

Why Real Estate Buyers Need Title Insurance in Florida

Owning a real estate property represents one of the biggest financial commitments you will incur. Once you have closed on the purchase, your property will become an important portion of your wealth.  The closing process implies several tasks and a series of steps that involve every party along the way: the real estate agent, the […]

7 Tips to Market Your Listings to Millennials

If you are in the business of selling homes, understanding the Millennials generation will help you as a Realtor to factor in their characteristics and behaviors and be able to market your listings, so it becomes easier to build relationships, gain trust, and close business with this generation.   A Generation refers to a group […]

Why You Should Work With Attorney Operated Title Company?

A title company performs several fundamental roles in day-to-day real estate transactions. It generally acts as the intermediary between the buyer, the seller, the insurance company, mortgage lenders, and any other party involved.  Title companies also search real estate titles’ histories to review the records of the property in order to advise the parties involved […]

Are Luxury Condos Still a Profitable Real Estate Investment?

The profitability of renting luxury condominiums in South Florida is yet to be proven. The high inventory and output of extravagant amenities determining high prices, tied to the stagnation of wage-increase for potential renters have been a sign of trouble for the investors’ industry. For investors, these condos lost their attraction to be considered a […]

Creating Touchpoints Between Buyers and Sellers

The relationship between an agent and buyers is a delicate dance that begins long before the sale and ends long afterward (if it ever ends at all). However, that process can be derailed when you’re not offering buyers the right touchpoints to make them feel special and keep yourself top of mind when it comes […]

15 Ways for Real Estate Agents to Get Listings

Tough competition. Low listing inventory. Hesitant sellers. There are a lot of things working against real estate agents these days, especially if they’re not doing anything to help themselves. Those who can push themselves to discover the unique ways to find clients and create listings are the ones who are going to rise above the […]