A title company performs several fundamental roles in day-to-day real estate transactions. It generally acts as the intermediary between the buyer, the seller, the insurance company, mortgage lenders, and any other party involved.  Title companies also search real estate titles’ histories to review the records of the property in order to advise the parties involved on the status of the property.

Title companies make sophisticated title searches for outstanding mortgages, liens, judgments, unpaid taxes, restrictions, easements, leases, legal actions, or anything else that might affect real property ownership.  After presenting the abstract of title, it issues a title opinion letter, a legal document that expresses the validity of the title.  It is common that title companies retain the escrow account funds and documents designated to protect the parties interests. 

A real estate attorney helps clients with legal issues related to real estate like prepare and review documents such as appraisals, agreements, mortgages, disputes, titles, file liens, draft deeds, transfer ownership documents, and oversee closings.  If you are buying a real estate property in Florida, you have the choice of hiring a title company or a real estate attorney to assist on the closing.

The question is: why would you hire a real estate attorney when you have the option to hire an attorney owned and operated title company?  It is very simple, an attorney owned and operated title company is established, managed, and controlled by an attorney. In addition, title companies must adhere to the American Land Title Association’s (ALTA) best practice standards and are regulated by the Florida Department of Financial Services. A title company plays a crucial role in the process, coordinating the real estate transaction since it starts until the closing. It facilitates the closing, issues the title insurance, files and records paperwork, helps protect your investment, and prevents you from expensive and often hidden potential problems that may place the ownership of your home or your client’s home in jeopardy.

Choosing an attorney owned and operated title company provides you with the comfort that if an issue arises, the legal advice is in-house, you have access to legal answers concerning the settlement and the necessary corrective documents, and solutions can be prepared immediately, eliminating the risk to delay the closing. Make sure you comply with the law every step of the way and guarantee moving forward without complications.

Working with Elite Ocean View Title Agency, an attorney owned and operated title company, you are hiring a team that has the legal knowledge, is in regulatory compliance, maintains clear and quick communication, and is ready to quickly overcome issues that may arise during your real estate transaction. We are proud members of the Attorneys Title Insurance Fund, a division of Florida’s largest title insurance underwriter, which supports and promotes the success of attorneys’ real estate practices. We are Secure Insight Trusted & Verified.

We adopt and sustain the use of best practices in title insurances and closing process pursuant to ALTA standards, as follow:

  • Obey with all state and federal laws and regulations,
  • Ensure that our employees are updated with newly released ALTA policies, procedures, and standards,
  • Provide sufficient protection for all customers’ personal and financial information.

We assist Realtors® with residential sales, commercial sales, short sales, and foreclosure. We offer equal professionalism and diligence to buyers, sellers, and lenders. We are a full-service, title, settlement, and escrow company with 17 years of experience formed of attorneys, paralegals, and significant support staff providing utmost efficiency and professionalism at reasonable rates.  We are committed to your success and helping you strengthen your relationship with your clients. 

Contact us with any questions about our real estate closing services by phone (305) 865-5718 or by email info@elitetitleagencyfl.com.

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